March 24


Today's Trivia March 24, 1989: Valdez disaster

1989 Valdez disaster An Exxon tanker spills 10.8 million gallons of oil off the coast of Alaska. It was the largest oil spill in U.S. history up to that time.

Today's Trivia March 24, 1832: Mormon Founder is Tarred and Feathered

1832 Mormon Founder is Tarred and Feathered A mob of Ohio residents tar and feather Joseph Smith and his assistant Sidney Rigdon. Smith's son died five days later from what doctors said was pneumonia he developed the night of the event.


Today's Trivia March 24, 1943: G.I. Joe

1943 G.I. Joe d. 1961 American carrier pigeon. In 1943, during WWII, the carrier pigeon known as G.I. Joe is credited with saving over 1,000 British troops. U.S. air bombings were scheduled against German positions at Calvi Vecchia, Italy. However, British troops had captured the village. Unable to get a message to the Americans to stop the bombings, they sent G.I. Joe. The pigeon travelled the 20 miles in 20 minutes, just in time to halt the bombings.

Today's Trivia March 24, 1909: Clyde Barrow

1909 Clyde Barrow d. 1934 American bank robber, of Bonnie and Clyde fame. He and Bonnie Parker were killed by a Texas ranger and his posse, who riddled their car with hundreds of bullets.

Today's Trivia March 24, 1874: Harry Houdini

1874 Harry Houdini d. 1926 (Ehrich Weiss), American magician, escape artist, "The Handcuff King." He also made Australia's first successful airplane flight.


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