June 25


1977 Lightning Strikes Roy C. Sullivan is struck by lightning for the 7th time. This is the current world record. Source: Guinness Book of World Records

1973 Watergate John Dean announces on national television that Pres. Nixon, his staff, and the Justice Dept. conspired to cover up Watergate.

1788 Virginia becomes the 10th state.


Today's Trivia June 25, 1865: Robert Henri

1865 Robert Henri d. 1929 (Robert Henry Cozad), American painter, teacher. He was and organizer of "The Eight," a group of artists who protested the restrictive exhibition practices National Academy of Design. He was one of the leaders of the Ashcan School, that are known for works portraying daily life in New York, often in the city's poorer neighborhoods. Works: The Laughing Boy (1907) and Portrait of Mrs. Robert Henri (1911).

1933 James Howard Meredith American civil rights figure. He was the first African-American to graduate from the 115-year-old University of Mississippi (1963). 3,000 troops were used to put down the riots which ensued when he entered. The riots left two dead and dozens injured. In 1966 he was shot and wounded while leading a march from Memphis to Jackson, Mississippi.


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