April 24


Today's Trivia April 24, 1980: Iranian Hostage Crisis - Rescue Disaster

1980 Iranian Hostage Crisis - Rescue Disaster An attempt to rescue the hostages held at the U.S. Embassy in Teheran, Iran ends in disaster when a helicopter crashes into a transport plane killing eight Americans and wounding five others. The secret rescue mission, codenamed "Eagle Claw", had already been aborted due to equipment failures from severe dust storms. The helicopters were repositioned themselves for refueling when the crash occurred.

Today's Trivia April 24, 1184 B.C.: Trojan War

1184 Trojan War The Greeks enter Troy hidden inside a giant wooden horse (traditional date).

Today's Trivia April 24, 1990: Hubble Telescope

1990 Hubble Telescope NASA launches their $1.5 billion Earth-orbiting telescope into space. Although designed to view farther into space than any telescope on Earth, a flawed lens greatly reduced it capabilities.

1980 The Pennsylvania Lottery comes up 666 In an attempt to cheat the system, the balls had been weighted by the lottery host to increase the probability that fours and sixes would be selected. The film Lucky Numbers (2000), starring John Travolta and Lisa Kudrow, was loosely based on this event.

1704 First regularly-published American newspaper The Boston News Letter by John Campbell is founded. It was published until Feb. 22, 1776.


1942 Barbra Streisand American Oscar-Emmy-winning actress, singer. Film: Funny Girl (1968, Oscar), What's Up Doc? (1972), The Way We Were (1973), and A Star is Born (1976, Oscar).

1940 Sue Grafton American author. Writings: A is for Alibi (1983), B is for Burglar (1985), C is for Corpse (1986), etc.

1914 William Castle d. 1977 (William Schloss), American film producer, director, known for the use of gimmicks to promote his horror films, such as hot-wiring theater seats and issuing "life insurance" to patrons.

1766 Robert Bailey Thomas d. 1846 American publisher. Founder of The Farmer's Almanac (1792, later called The Old Farmer's Almanack), which he published until his death.


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