May 22


Today's Trivia May 22, 1849: Presidential Patent

1849 Presidential Patent U.S. Patent #6469 is issued to future U.S. President Abraham Lincoln for an "Improvement for Buoying Vessels Over Shoals." He is the only U.S. President to hold a patent.

1977 First Woman to Compete in the Indianapolis 500 Janet Guthrie qualifies with an average speed of 188.403 mph. She finished 29th of 33 in the actual race on May 27th. Source: Famous First Facts

1972 First U.S. President to Visit Moscow Nixon for a week of summit talks with the leaders of the Kremlin.

1891 Motion Pictures Edison gives the first public demonstration of his motion picture camera, the Kinetoscope.


1920 Thomas Gold d. 2004 Austrian-born astronomer. He established the steady-state theory of the universe (1948), which has since been abandoned by most astronomers. He also proposed a "garbage theory" for the origin of life in which life on Earth spread from a pile of waste products dumped on Earth long ago by extraterrestrials.

Today's Trivia May 22, 1859: Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

1859 Sir Arthur Conan Doyle d. 1930 Scottish physician, author. Creator of Sherlock Holmes (1887). His belief in Spiritualism and the existence of fairies put him at odds with his one-time friend Harry Houdini.

Today's Trivia May 22, 1942: Theodore Kaczynski

1942 Theodore Kaczynski American mathematician, Unabomber. He was convicted of killing three people and wounding 29 others by sending mail bombs over a period of almost eighteen years.

1907 Sir Laurence Olivier d. 1989 British Oscar and Emmy-winning actor. He starred in and directed Hamlet (1948) which won five Oscars and was the first British film to win a Best Picture Oscar. He was knighted in 1947.

1813 Richard Wagner d. 1883 German opera composer, the Ring cycle (1876).


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